What are Execution Contexts, Hoisting, Scopes, and Closures in JavaScript?

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We all have this question about these concepts when Es6 was introduced to us. I stumbled upon this video which answered all my questions. I would like to thank Tyler McGinnis for such an incredible video. I can easily say this was the most straightforward explanation that I have seen on the internet. Please save yourself some time and follow him and his channel for some more incredible work.




#IBMER #JS-Advocate #SoftwareEngineer #TechnologyLover #Learner #intermediatetennisplayer #lifebetweenthebraces{}

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Akshay Mattoo

Akshay Mattoo

#IBMER #JS-Advocate #SoftwareEngineer #TechnologyLover #Learner #intermediatetennisplayer #lifebetweenthebraces{}

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