Exercise is the most underrated power we have

Running is like meditation to me. I have come to this conclusion after been in this process for more than a year now. Let rewind a little and go back in time when we all were living normal lives and no such pandemic thing was there. Here I am talking about when I used to live in Mumbai and I had a huge park in our vicinity. I would regularly go there and exercise. It had an open gym free for all of us. What else one could ask for. But let me admit I was doing it solely for aesthetics. This was around 10 years back. I was always off and on with fitness until 5 years back.

After finishing up college in 2015 I was 210 pounds and could barely run a mile. At that time, I started working out and had a goal in mind to lose weight. By forcing myself into this I eventually fell in love with the process and started investing more time I had anticipated. It's a pleasure to see how the body transforms and how much you learn about your body at the same time. I was surprised to know how the body adapts to situations we put it through. Fast forward to today exercise is routine which helps me keep my cortisol levels under control.

Got a little distracted with the topic of fitness, let get back to running. My friend (Malik Arun) who was a regular 5K,10K runner would always ask me to run the Berkley half marathon but I always had excuses to avoid it all the time. Last year in May he asked to run a half marathon on the trail where we live. This time I couldn’t say no and in the first instance, I said yes. We diligently followed the plan and made a group where we all would track our runs and motivate others. Finally, the day came and we completed the half marathon. To celebrate the finish he got us medals as well. I must tell you the sense of achievement was more than anything, as it looked unattainable at the beginning. We were able to prepare and run it in less than 4 months of preparation. Since then it gave me a sense of confidence that I could do anything If we are determined to do so. We are planning to run a half marathon this September and eventually a marathon this or next year.


Fitness is free if one knows how to utilize your own body to exercise. There are tons of youtube videos on calisthenics. I encourage all to follow anyone they feel comfortable with and start today. In the last year when there were no gyms around I have learned to use my body parts to stay in shape and at the same time maintaining my cardiovascular health. I get really excited to talk about these things. If you want to discuss anything in particular about the same leave a response in the comments. I will be more than happy to discuss it in more detail. Having said that I wanted to encourage everyone to take care of themselves first so you can take care of your family. It specifically doesn’t have to run it can be anything but give yourself those 30 mins where it's just you in motion. I bet it would change the way things are happening around you. I am planning to write about the benefits I have seen in my life for the last 5 years. I wish I encouraged some today. My motto is to be a younger version of myself.




#IBMER #JS-Advocate #SoftwareEngineer #TechnologyLover #Learner #intermediatetennisplayer #lifebetweenthebraces{}

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Akshay Mattoo

Akshay Mattoo

#IBMER #JS-Advocate #SoftwareEngineer #TechnologyLover #Learner #intermediatetennisplayer #lifebetweenthebraces{}

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